Robins Nest Guest House


Robins nest Guest House started as our house which we built for us as a family.
When our 2 children left home we decided to change the house into a guest house because other than having our own 2 children, every weekend and sometimes in the week we had up to 40 teen agers visiting and basically making own home their home. The empty nest syndrome caught us badly and therefore the decision to invite other people into ‘ our house’ and so ROBIN’S NEST GUEST HOUSE WAS BORN. We started with 5 rooms, extended to 10 rooms and now have 19 rooms all on suite.
We are situated app. 3km from the local air field, 3km from the casino and Newcastle Mall, app 6km from the centre of town yet we offer the serenity of country living as we are on a 10-acre plot with beautiful views from most angles.
At ROBIN’S NEST GUEST HOUSE we can also offer you corporate breakfast meeting facilities for up to 40 people with bottomless coffee and tea.

We aim to please to the best of our ability 


Cell | Lucille - 082 905 0443 - Address | 25 Jooste Road | Po box 990 | Newcastle 2940 | Fax - 086 459 0859 | Email - info@robinsnestguesthouse.co.za
Guest House - 082 905 0443

Robin's nest newcastle
Robin's nest newcastle